Cilantro's signature blend

The signature coffee blend that we're particularly proud of! To produce the smoothest coffee paired with hints of hazelnut and gianduja, we fused the world's finest Arabica beans with the highest quality Indian Robusta beans. Continue reading to find out more about this unique blend!


A dozen kilometers from the equator, at a very specific zone, a unique tree called the Coffea Arabica plant grows. This exquisite tree has the perfect climate conditions which make it the most desired and sought after plant. 

South American Arabica

Brazil, for example, is the world’s leading coffee grower. They produce almost a third of all the coffee consumed in the world and ship it to almost all the dominant consuming countries including Europe, Japan, the US, Australia, etc. Brazil specializes in certain varieties, like Bourbon, though they have a knack for growing just about any type of bean.

Central America is one of the current hotspots for coffee mainly for the quality of their coffee. Excluding the short rainy seasons, Central America doesn’t really have seasons but rather a stable climate throughout the whole year which, when combined with high altitudes, hits the sweet spot for coffee plants. Although the seeds grow slowly, the unmatched sweet, floral, and fruity taste makes it worth the wait.

Indian robusta

India, on the other hand, meets the requirements for coffee growing among certain regions in the south of India, where they experience a season called Monsoon, and farmers have been intercropping with spices to achieve different flavors. Indian coffee has been valued as one of the best coffees out there and is very popular in Europe.

Admittedly, Indian people have more sophisticated palates than most of us in the western world, which does explain that they have been able to craft some of the best coffees in the world. Ironically, coffee isn’t as popular in this country as you would expect given the quality of the coffee they produce: about 80% of all coffee produced in this country is exported.

The roast

Roasting coffee is a delicate thing, and some call it art. It certainly is tricky: To combine different beans together and bring out the best of each of them, while trying to minimize whatever individual faults they may have.

Luckily, we have at our disposal some of the best equipment possible, located in North Italy. State of the art coffee roasters and some of the best roasters, we strive to achieve the best possible roast for all our coffees.

The Master Roaster must have deep knowledge of coffee. Each different type of bean is given special attention, each of them given a different, unique roast. Together -and after a lot of trial and error- we achieve a blend that accentuates all the good qualities of our raw material and turns it into a delicious coffee.



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