Coffee has become the number one morning necessity. From universities to drive-throughs to malls and corporate offices, it has become evident that coffee business will continuously grow for coming generations.

Cilantro is a proud Egyptian F&B chain with the fastest growing rate in the industry. By giving our own coffee nation, the coffee that draws that morning smile and introducing our special blends to suit our very own sweet-toothers, we have mastered the art of... GREAT COFFEE FOR EVERYONE.

Sophistication begins with simplicity. With our franchising opportunities, we guarantee meeting your business needs and committing to your success as much as we are committed to brewing outstanding coffee.



Cilantro's pride comes from being the heart of Egypt's "Chain Coffee Shops" when we launched our first branch at Zamalek back in 2000. Our focus and commitment to our people guided us towards perfecting our coffee experience and take it from a "good" western style coffee to the "best" homegrown one across the country.

Cilantro's continuously rising brand value comes from our new and refreshed phase with our goal to dominate the market by 2025.



- 85+ Stores countrywide -

We strive for delivering that exquisite cup of coffee everyone needs to start their morning right. The opportunity to become a part of this moment is right here. With us here to support you at every step, together we will ensure every customer receives that nice... refreshing... cup of coffee. 


"Cilantro...Appetite For Life"





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